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End-to-end solutions for simplifying fleet electrification and electric vehicle charger installation.

From estimating the total cost of ownership (TCO) for electric vehicles (EV) in comparison with fossil-fueled vehicles to getting grants and incentives for EV chargers and vehicles, to installing and testing EV chargers, we can help you go electric smoothly.

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


1. Discover how much you can save thanks to electric vehicles in a few seconds with our EV Calculator

2. Charging system design 


3. Obtain a turnkey proposal for electrification 

  • Business requirements and project scope

  • Charging station, installation and permit estimates

  • Vehicle evaluation and pricing (optional)

  • We process incentives, grants and rebates for you

  • Electrification business case (ROI)

  • One-stop solution to avoid dealing with pushy vendors


4. End-to-end project management 

5. Consulting services as needed

Image by Andrew Roberts

Please contact us for a free tailored consultation.


And we can help you prove it...

Calculate the total cost of ownership for your electric vehicle fleet

We use technology and innovation to make sure our solutions deliver significant and lasting value to stockholders and the planet.

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