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Analytics Study

Objective: Analyze EV charging stations’ capacity, energy and time utilization to find opportunities to increase the stations’ ROI and reduce operational cost thanks to the use of EV charging station software.


What we did: We analyzed hundreds of charging sessions.

Data was enhanced to create new indicators and histograms such as the number of vehicles connected per time-of-day intervals.

Dynamic dashboards with several performance indicators were created and analyzed.

We identified several software features to improve EV charging stations’ efficiency, attract more customers and enable dynamic pricing, among other benefits.


Feasibility analysis

Business and financial feasibility analysis of a software solution that increases the use of renewable energies and reduces the use of fossil generated energies thanks to electric vehicles.


Main Features: Visualize and optimize charging infrastructure: operational performance, revenue, cost​ and profit.

Increase station’s revenue: dynamic pricing, customer engagement.

​Reduce energy bill: manage time of use, demand charge, load, batteries… 

​Data valorization: optimization, energy forecasting, carbon footprint reduction, data market place​...

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