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For the green mobility and clean tech sectors*.

We combine unique skills and expertise such as software development, analytics and operational optimization to help you make the most of new technologies.


Design and develop software and applications to implement or personalize new features or services:

  • Optimize assets that may be currently underutilized.

  • Increase revenue, reduce operational cost and deploy new business models.

  • Improve customer care and accuracy for predictions.

  • Consultation as needed.

Image by NASA


Combine, aggregate, select, visualize and analyze meaningful data from different sources (operations, IT systems and other external sources like DER**).

  • Learn from your data.

  • Create KPIs and dynamic dashboards.

  • Monitor business performance in real time.

  • Identify new features, services or product lines that can make a huge impact in your market.

  • Build a solid foundation to enable the use of AI-powered solutions.

Image by Zoltan Tasi


And we can help you prove it...

Calculate the total cost of ownership for your electric vehicle fleet

*Electric vehicle charging stations, smart grids and DER** software (for solar photovoltaic, energy storage, etc.)

**Distributed energy resources (DER): electrical generation and storage performed by a variety of small, grid-connected or distribution system connected devices 

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